Business Structures



Our firm advises on a wide range of business structures as may be used in Ireland to include:

  • corporate entities
  • holding and subsidiary companies
  • limited and unlimited companies
  • private and public companies
  • general partnerships
  • limited partnerships
  • group structures
  • joint venture structures

We advise on all aspects of the establishment, governance and operation of selected business structures including as to investment, financing, management and operational requirements of the entities concerned.


Corporate Finance



Our firm advises on a wide range of corporate finance transactions as typically may be used by corporations and business in Ireland to include:

  • share / equity subscription funding
  • investment loan funding
  • shareholder agreements
  • corporate share acquisitions & disposals
  • corporate business asset acquisitions & disposals
  • management buyouts
  • corporate mergers [including cross-border EU mergers]
  • enterprise equity funding
  • business retirement transfers

We advise on all aspects of the implementation of corporate finance transactions from planning and Heads of Terms through to due diligence, formal legal agreements, and ultimately closing.





Our firm advises client financial institutions – such as banks, credit unions, payment institutions and e-money institutions – on a wide range of regulatory issues and transactions relating to the authorization and conduct of their businesses in Ireland.

Our firm acts for a number of banking and credit union representative bodies in Ireland on sectoral legislative and other projects.

We advise on all aspects of lending by financial institutions to include preparation of:

  • loan agreements, both bi-lateral and syndicated
  • security agreements
  • subordination and priority agreements
  • asset specific finance and security agreement
  • legal opinions on cross-border financing involving Irish entities






Our firm has particular and longstanding expertise in relation to the provision of payment services by financial institutions to their customers and use of clearing and settling mechanisms.

Our firm advises numerous financial institutions and clearing entities on the evolving law and regulation of payment services in Ireland and the European Union in relation to the payment services directive [PSD 1 & PSD 2].

Our firm acts as legal advisers to the Irish Clearing system for inter-bank domestic paper payments.

Our firm advises on European clearing and settlement mechanisms including the European Central Bank TARGET 2 settlement system, and the European Banking Authority STEP 2 clearing system for payments in the European Union.

Our firm advises on the EBA SEPA direct debit and electronic transfer payment schemes, and also provides a customized adherence service for Irish financial institutions who wish to join up to the SEPA schemes.

Our firm advises financial institutions planning to establish or passport into Ireland in order to provide payment services in Ireland and the applicable regulatory requirements in that regard.






Our firm advises on the operational related legal requirements of the business of our clients to include, as examples, the following:

  • employment contracts
  • product sale terms & conditions
  • supply and distribution contracts
  • intellectual property rights
  • distance selling and e-commerce
  • data protection
  • competition law compliance
  • regulatory filings



Inward Investment



Our firm advises on the legal aspects of establishing or investing in a business, or acquiring an asset, in Ireland to include [by way of example] the following:


  • establishment of business structure
  • engagement of directors, country managers and employees
  • acquisition of office or other business premises
  • engagement of accounting and other support professionals
  • opening of bank accounts
  • grant funding available from state entities
  • investment structures
  • regulatory compliance




Our firm advises on all aspects of real property and real estate law in Ireland to include [by way of example] the following:


  • sale & purchase of business premises to include offices, factories, etc.
  • sale & purchase of residential premises
  • short or long term leases for business and residential premises
  • registration of property ownership with the Property Registration Authority
  • taking and registration of security over real property
  • conducting public searches against real property
  • reviewing and evaluating title to real property
  • preparing contracts for sale and title transfers for real property




Our firm advises on all aspects of commercial litigation which involve business disputes in or related to Ireland and which come before the Courts of Ireland. The type of legal actions which typically arise include [by way of example] the following:

  • actions for the enforcement of a debt or other sum due
  • actions for the enforcement of a contract
  • injunction actions
  • asset freezing orders
  • discovery orders
  • cross-border judgment enforcement
  • dispute resolution

As is typical in Irish Court proceedings, our firm will usually engage well respected Senior and Junior Council [barristers] to advise on and present the clients case before the Irish Courts.